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Laiceps 83
Memory locations
Date: Sep 11, 2018 4:50:07 PM PDT
Author: Laiceps 83

I bought this app back in the day when it was $100.00 to use in the
studio in Nashville. Worked great! My question now is- can I use it
live? I would like to be able to run it via iPad on stage. I use memory
locations for each song in Protools but have not found an option to
see locations page on iPad app. We are a national act and play
venues anywhere from 5k-15k in a hundred cities a year so WiFi is
sometimes iffy at best depending on the number of clients using
network. I would like to set up a closed network on the computer
using it directly as a WiFi outlet not connected to venue networks. Is
that even possible? Or possibly a wireless router just for this
purpose... don’t need internet... any advise would be great...

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