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Proremote server on OSX 10.14.6
Date: Apr 22, 2020 11:09:56 PM PDT
Author: lucione

I run ProRemote server (the correct installer) on iMac with
Mojave. I run the Proremote (not Lite) app both on iPad 2 and
iPhone X. On both devices I cannot connect to Protools
although the app correctly connects to my iMac. The firewall
is disabled on iMac and I double checked during Proremote
server installation that no audio or MIDI application were
running. I cannot see Proremote into MIDI on MIDI audio app
on iMac. I even do NOT see any MIDI in that app. I absolutely
need it. I used some years ago on PT 8.0.
Last modified by lucione on Apr 22 2020 11:11PM

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