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Pro not working with DP and 10.15.7
Date: Mar 20, 2021 7:14:24 PM PDT
Author: jfmusic

I already setup ACX and it worked.

Thought yours looked better so I purchased it as well.

MacBook Pro 10.15.7
Iipad 6th Gen 14.5

I managed to get the app tp talk to DP in that:
It now see’s the fader names.
IT Beeps on DP CPU
DP thinks there is incoming signal on the First Fader.
It is not allowing the fader to move on DP
The Naming on the iPad at the top of each track
Is odd, says Track name and below it Mackie Ovntsol Friver 1.3 c
2006 Motu 1
The Names seem justified left on the top row.
The Mackie infö is not centered or Justified left from what I
can tell.

If I move the Fader ion The DP CPU it moved on the iPad
Does Not move the Dp Fader from the iPad

So basically it doesn’t not wok and was the most expensive app I
have ever purchased form the App Store for an iPad.

Please advise

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