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Midi mapping problem in Logic
Date: Apr 23, 2009 1:00:51 PM PDT
Author: HockeyMike

I installed everything, ProTransport on my iTouch sees the
server, but when I press the transport buttons I get MIDI
note messages in Logic instead of transport function. Here's
a few examples:
Stop - A5 OFF
Play - A#5 OFF
Record - B5 OFF
Rewind - G5 OFF
FF - G#5 OFF

I had Transport working great on my previous Mac, a
G5...switched over to a 2008 8-core and can't get it to work
properly now.



Date: Apr 23, 2009 9:21:10 PM PDT
Author: HockeyMike

Now it's working OK. One of those MIDI mysteries...



Date: May 19, 2009 9:08:42 AM PDT
Author: ProRemote

Originally Posted by HockeyMike:
Now it's working OK. One of those MIDI mysteries...

Maybe there was a bug in ProRemoteServer or something and it was sending HUI codes
instead of Mackie Control codes? I don't know but sure sounds weird.

If you see anything like that again, please report the problem so we can be sure to fix it.

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